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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will form 8862 delay my refund 2022

Instructions and Help about Will form 8862 delay my refund 2022

Morning all Nizar Scott here with NS tax service this weekend we're going to be discussing tax credits I want to start today off by talking about the Earned Income Credit for those of you who may be claiming this as three things you need to take into consideration first thing is going to be your total income second thing is going to be your filing status third item is going to be the number of dependents that you claim on your tax return okay there is a situation for individuals who don't have dependents to claim to still take advantage of the Earned Income Credit two things you need to know first thing is you need to be between the age of 25 and 65 second thing is going to be your income can be no more than fifteen thousand ten dollars now this credit is a refundable credit and anyone taking it on their tax returns you will not see your refund until after February 15th Earned Income Credit should be completed on schedule EIC please remember like comment subscribe take care and happy filing season.


Do we need to fill out a separate form for NMIMS Mumbai, or will it be included in the NMAT 2022 exam form?
Yes!! You need to fill separate form for NMIMS Mumbai after filling in the NMAT application form.And not only this! You need to apply again separately on NMIMS website if you wish to appear for another window in a season.As NMAT can be appeared 3 times in a year when the exam season starts , so u need to apply every single time on NMAT by Gmac website and on NMIMS website separately or else your score in NMAT exam will not be considered by the institute.All the best
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